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Better Values Universities Project - Survey on Common Contracts in Australian universities in Progress 2014/2015



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Fostering Collaboration in Higher Education

To learn more about the professional services we provide, our future initiatives and the benefits of working with us, contact Higher Ed Services staff directly or through our Sydney office.


AUPN Procurment Resources Centre Update

As part of AUPN Better Value Initiative, the Local Government Procurement has now been added to the AUPN Procurement Resources Centre. Based on the positive feedback from the sector we have now made further enhancements to the AUPN Procurement Resources Centre, which now includes a Buying Guide that provides details on how to access contracts and also has a contracts matrix with a detailed explaination on categories of contracts for each contract provider. To go to the AUPN Procurement Resources Centre please click here



National University Finance and Procurement Conference 2015

In a changing world and uncertain higher education policy environment, the job of Finance and Procurement Managers and their teams continues to be quite a balancing act. Funding cuts, tenuous economic outlooks, global and domestic competition and rapid technological change, means the pressure is on to cut costs, drive efficiencies and review and renew systems and processes. Read more.


AUPN Procurement Resources Centre Officially Launched

Launched in 2013, the Better Values Initiative has had a number of phases including a common clause survey (2014) and a study (2014) undertaken on contracts that are accessible by Universities, whether this is through State, Federal, Local or other 3rd Party consortia suppliers. The AUPN Procurement Resources Centre, was officially launched on Wednesday, 7th January 2015. Read more.



National Peer Review of Assessment Forum and HECQN Forum Presentations Now Available

Presentations from the recent National Peer Review of Assessment Forum and HECQN Forum held in Melbourne, 12 November 2014 - 13 November 2014 are now available.

For Peer Review click here and for HECQN click here.



The brave new world of deregulation

 - Jacqui Elson-Green, Higher Ed Services

Just over 120 people attended Higher Ed Services "Brave New World" Forum focusing on deregulation in Melbourne recently where speakers probed the way that the proposed

reforms might reshape the sector. Read more.


National Peer Review of Assessment Network Forum - "Assuring Grades across Course Boundaries"

With the new proposed Higher Education Standards Framework, the Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP) has placed the importance on peer review and external referencing

as ways to assure the quality of academic standards across the sector. Read more.



Unis need stronger states links: Dow

 - Julie Hare, The Australian, 17 November, 2014

Universities should look to look to forge stronger links with their state governments beyond annual auditor-general reports into institutional finances, says

higher education export Kwong Lee Dow. Read more.

Major breakthroughs for university procurement and finance

Major collaborative activities unveiled at Higher Ed Services 14th annual University Finance and Procurement conference could lead to significant changes in the way that universities operate in future as the sector faces continuing funding constraints and uncertainty. Read more.


Quality assured when unis do it for themselves - Dr Jan Cameron

 - Jacqui Elson Green: THE AUSTRALIAN, 7 March, 2014

THE head of New Zealand’s Academic Quality Agency says universities should be responsible for their own quality assurance, and the system in which it is driven should be “enhancement-led” not compliance-based because no university wants to “get away with” shoddy quality. Read more.