Group Meetings and Events


FSN Meeting2/2014, Hobart 10 August 2014


National University Finance and Procurement Conference, Hobart 11 to 13 August 2014


Collaborative Projects


Better Values Universities Project - Survey on Common Contracts in Australian universities in Progress 2014/2015



Welcome to Higher Ed Services

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Fostering Collaboration in Higher Education

To learn more about the professional services we provide, our future initiatives and the benefits of working with us, contact Higher Ed Services staff directly or through our Sydney office.



Now in its 14th year, the conference provides an annual forum for Higher Education Sector professionals to share and explore progressive and innovative solutions in Finance and Procurement, both within the sector and new innovation driven by business.

By popular demand, 2014 Conference will include workshops and case studies that demonstrate practical as well as strategic solutions to the challenges facing Higher Education Providers in the current economic and technological environment.

The conference will run over 3 days from Monday 11th August to Wednesday 13th August and include networking functions and displays by business partners and organisations providing solutions, products and services to the Higher Education Sector. Read more 



Quality assured when unis do it for themselves - Dr Jan Cameron

 - Jacqui Elson Green: THE AUSTRALIAN, 7 March, 2014

THE head of New Zealand’s Academic Quality Agency says universities should be responsible for their own quality assurance, and the system in which it is driven should be “enhancement-led” not compliance-based because no university wants to “get away with” shoddy quality. Read more.


A kaleidoscope of quality at Higher Ed Services event

 - Cynthia Hansen, CEO, Higher Ed Services: Media Release

Higher Ed Services (HES) will shine the spotlight on academic quality at a one-day event in Sydney on March 4 that will bring together speakers from universities, private higher education providers and government under the title “The Kaleidoscope of Quality”. Read more.