Common challenges in finance and procurement

  • 12 Sep 2017
  • by Karen Hanna
Common challenges in finance and procurement

Our annual Finance and Procurement conference was delivered on August 8-9 with 115 delegates in attendance. The program was well received with the highlights being noted as Professor Tim Brailsford’s opening keynote, William Confalonieri’s presentation on digital transformation at Deakin University, Gold Coast City Council’s transformation, UniLink and NAB’s joint presentation on Fraud Protection and the interactive travel round table discussion led by Richard Savva. Presentations are available for download here.

A speed networking session focused on finding common challenges faced by finance and procurement professionals working in higher education. The leading challenges identified were:

  • People & Culture

  • Resources 

  • Rapid change in environments 

  • Skills & Knowledge 

  • Technology & Systems 

  • Process & Policy 

Higher Ed Services aims to facilitate a solution by 'owning' these challenges in transit, but it remains up to the sector and external experts to develop a solution.

We encourage all contributors to share expertise, ideas, stories, reports, and data to help us collect a better picture of what works, what does not work, and what remains unknown. You will see the challenges better fleshed out in the solution, where we encourage you to help us co-create a solution. Go to MindHive to participate.