HRIS Alesco v15 Working Party


This project aims to clearly define the criteria for acceptance or rejection of Alesco version 15 during the Audit and Beta process. The documents produced by the Working Party will be shared with Talent2 and used as guidance by the Audit Team and Beta Site between August and November 2015. Meetings are held regularly throughout the year. Participating universities are Charles Sturt University, Central Queensland University, Murdoch University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Western Sydney.


HRIS Email Notifications Working Party


Email Notifications is a custom-to-core project to increase the functionality of the Alesco HRIS. User Acceptance Testing is currently underway. Participating universities are Queensland University of Technology and Wollongong University.


HRIS HDA Custom Working Party


This customisation project will allow supervisors to initiate Higher Duties Allowance payments and records via the Alesco Web Kiosk. The University of Western Sydney has collaborated with the University of Newcastle to specify the business process. This project is due to be delivered during 2015.


HRIS Hosted Services Working Party


This group has been convened to specify the services to be provided under a HES-Talent2 database hosting arrangement. The participating universities are Edith Cowan, Central Queensland, Macquarie and Newcastle.


HRIS Qualifications Attachments Working Party


This custom-to-core project aims to remove paper from the staff qualifications verification process within Alesco using universities. Talent2 is partnering with HES to add this functionality to a number of ADF screens in Alesco Web Kiosk. Victoria University in Melbourne is the lead site for this development.


HRIS WSS GL Filtering Working Party 


WSS GL Filtering is a custom-to-core project to increase the functionality within the Web Kiosk of the Alesco HRIS. This functionality is to assist supervisors to correctly charge staff wages to the correct general ledger account. User Acceptance Testing is currently underway. Participating universities are Charles Sturt University and Victoria University in Melbourne.


Meetings in 2015


Alesco User Group Conference 2015 Cairns 17-19 May 2015.


HRISG meeting 1, 2015 Cairns 20-21 May 2015.


HRISG Meeting 2, 2015 22-23 September 2015 venue to be advised.


HES Alesco Audit 24-28 August 2015 in Perth (universities involved CSU, CQU, Murdoch, QUT and UWS).


HES Alesco Beta commences 31 August 2015 at QUT in Brisbane (university host QUT).