HES has launched a unique advisory service tailored specifically for higher education institutions that leverages the strength of the HES footprint in the sector. The advisory service is led by Drew Davidson, a committed professional advisor to the Education and Public Sectors who has worked with a range of clients from central government through to government agencies and not-for-profits. For the last eight years he has focused on servicing Australian universities in his role as the National lead Risk Advisory Partner for the Higher Education sector at Deloitte Australia. 

The new service is designed to support institutions to drive quality, efficiency and performance.

Specialist support is offered in the following areas:

Our advisory service portfolio encompasses specialist support in areas such as:

  • Compliance management:
    • Pre-TEQSA / ASQA assurance reviews | SASH assessments | Research compliance
    • Regulatory management training
    • Compliance landscape and changes alerts – big challenge for the sector
  • Governance:
    • Project governance
    • Benchmarking and governance redesign
    • Academic quality compliance
  • Risk management
    • Sector tailored risk management framework encompassing compliance obligations.
    • Risk as a service (e.g. risk information collection, reporting and training)
    • Targeted risk management services (e.g. independent project assurance)
  • Sustainability and environmental impact reporting
  • Contract management
  •  Business case development

Our business model has enabled us to develop a unique advisory service offering to support Australian Universities drive quality, efficiency and performance.

Opportunities to drive value collectively, rather than as individual Universities, is of particular importance to us. Collaboration is at the forefront of our delivery approach and is driven through two primary attributes that are unique to HES:

Second to none capability: we bring carefully selected teams to our work that includes a blend of our internal professional staff as well as sector leaders and subject matter experts from our extensive networks. This combined capability and knowledge of the sector is unmatchable and brings real life insights as well as robust benchmarks to all that we do.

United teaming: we recognise the strength of capability that Universities inherently hold in their workforce and therefore include your staff in our project team to drive outcomes that are tailored to your organisation, generate buy in and provide a learning experience for those staff. We commit to leave you well prepared to realise the value from our work once we have concluded.

This approach allows us to achieve outcomes at the highest level of quality for all of our clients and, as a not for profit, to a high return on investment.