The Australian Universities Procurement Network (AUPN) currently has 38-member institutions working together to improve excellence in procurement practice and in the skills of procurement professionals in the higher education sector.


To significantly improve strategic procurement practices in Australian universities through a collaborative approach, focusing on sharing expertise and business intelligence, promoting the benefits of aggregated purchasing, greater efficiency in process, professional procurement education opportunities and encouraging the development of regional and national aggregated procurement contracts.


To transform the universities’ capability into a world class standard of professional procurement. To be a voice for the University Procurement community.


  • Customers – we share a passion for providing good customer service.
  • Partnership – we work together, with initiative and enthusiasm.
  • Openness and Honesty - we treat everybody with fairness, integrity and respect.
  • Excellence – we focus on continuous improvement and excellence in collaboration with our members.

Strategic Objectives of the AUPN

  • To provide opportunities for capability enhancement across the sector
  • To foster open and professional relationships across the sector
  • To share knowledge, expertise and experience
  • To promote the added value that Procurement functions bring to universities
  • To support and promote thought leadership and best practice in procurement related matters.


The benefits of AUPN membership include:

  • Participation in the AUPN Excellence Program
  • Global benchmarking (approx. 20,000 participants) however also benchmarked specifically across the AUPN sector participating members.
  • Access to the Community Portal including discussions boards
  • Reduced CIPS membership fees
  • Supporting the AUPN to negotiate the sector Airline deals (NUA) with both Qantas and Virgin.
  • Networking with the membership (38 sector members)
  • State based collaboration groups
  • Access to targeted sub committees focused on areas of identified interest.
  • Participation in the sector response to Modern slavery legislation  
  • Monthly online workshops during the period of COVID19 uncertainty
  • Informal members chat forums such as sharing economies, digital print, legal services, procurement consulting and expenses management systems.

AUPN Community

The AUPN Community is an online collaborative environment which allows organisations to collaborate with others, access best practice information and templates, compare with your peers and access online tools such as e-learning and analytics – all in a single secure area. To view or request to join the Community Portal please clink the following link:

AUPN Excellence Program

The AUPN Excellence program provides a baseline and a roadmap for development across 8 core procurement dimensions.

Participating Universities receive consulting services to provide a maturity analysis, interpret the data, present individual and sector findings and identify opportunities to develop proficiency of procurement functions and individual team members. The exercise has proved useful in forming a case for change for a number of participating Universities this service is offered to all participating members. The Excellence Program created by the AUPN is in the process of being rolled out to 40 Universities in the US and is being actively progressed in the UK.”

For more information about the function of the AUPN and opportunities for participating universities, please contact Paul Holland (AUPN Chair) or Dan Thearle (AUPN Deputy Chair).

University Procurement Hub (UPH)

The University Procurement Hub (UPH) provides a platform that revolutionises how universities across Australia can source goods and services to meet their unique requirements — delivering direct savings to support the continuing excellence that’s the trademark of Australian higher education.

The UPH is an innovative way of delivering core procurement services by aggregating purchasing power across participating universities.

Click here to read more about the UPH.

AUPN Chair
Paul Holland
Director of Commercial Services, University of Melbourne
Tel: 0402 258 363

AUPN Deputy Chair
Dan Thearle
Director, Strategic Procurement, Monash University
Tel: 0417 104 704

HES Key Contact
Andrew Trnacek
CEO, Higher Ed Services
Tel: 0421 051 884

AUPN Executive Committee
Philip Thomas, Curtin University
Tony Wilson, Edith Cowan University
Richie Woods, James Cook University
Janet Pursehouse, Macquarie University
Dan Thearle, Monash University
Tivolee Spragg, Queensland University of Technology
Mike Tylor, The Universtiy of Adelaide
Paul Holland, The University of Melbourne
Rhiannon Jones, Swinburne University of Technology 
Andrew Peacock, La Trobe University

Participating members of the AUPN are: