Presenters Biography

Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos 

Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos is currently Director of the Centre for Learning, Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) within the Academic Portfolio. Associate Professor Fotinatos has extensive background in teaching quality, student retention, academic student success programs, leadership, management, budgets, leading institution projects and implementing institutional change focused on learning and teaching professional development. Associate Professor Fotinatos is currently engaged with research practices within a number of domains including teaching quality, leadership, human resource management, student support initiatives, academic professional development and gender equity and diversity.



Leading learning and teaching requires a range of leadership identities to remain agile and effective. There are a range of key stakeholders engaged with learning and teaching in the higher education sector who all benefit from specific leadership identities. The environment plays a significant role in leadership identity formation and the outward presentation of these attributes across a higher education institution.  The environment varies depending on the priority lens and the intersection of these lenses.  

Learning and teaching leaders tackle issues and challenges with specific lenses such as those linked to the student experience, academic capability, infrastructure and strategic large-scale initiatives. Many of these lenses vary and change depending on government and sector influences. 

This presentation links leadership identity theories with practice for a female senior learning and teaching leader in regional multi-campus dual-sector institution. The case study identifies the labyrinth required to navigate specific challenges while leading meaningful change to improve student retention and success and reinvigorate the academic workforce towards stronger blended online and digital learning platforms.