Presenters Biography

Dr. Lesley Sefcik

Dr. Lesley Sefcik is a Lecturer and Academic Integrity Advisor at Curtin University. She provides university-wide teaching, advice, and academic research within the field of academic integrity. Dr. Sefcik has an interdisciplinary education with a Phd in Environmental Science  (University of Michigan) focusing on Plant Physiological Ecology and Global Change, a Bachelor of Science in Biology  (University of Michigan)  and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Murdoch University). Dr. Sefcik’s professional background is situated in Assessment and Quality Learning within the domain of Learning and Teaching. Pasts projects include development of the External Referencing of Standards (ERoS) system for external peer review of assessment. Current projects include the development and implementation of academic integrity related programs for students and staff at Curtin, and research related to the development and implementation of remote invigilation for online assessment. Lesley Sefcik has also been awarded a Fellowship to be part of the international Homeward Bound Leadership Training Program for 2019. 



Globally women are underrepresented in leadership and executive decision-making positions, and changing this trend has been difficult despite women representing a significant percentage of university graduates and the workforce. In conjunction with this, we are at a time of unprecedented global environmental change. This leads us to the necessity of a social turning point in which the female voice must be prominently heard at the decision making table to find a path to a more equitable and ecologically sustainable future. The Homeward Bound leadership training program aims to strengthen the influence of women with a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine) background in order to direct policy and decision making towards this aim. As part of the program, participants develop leadership and strategic skills, a sound understanding of science, and a strong purposefully developed network that they will be able to use to impact policy and decisions towards this goal. This talk will examine some of the key strategies used in Homeward Bound and share some of the positive impacts that are developing as a result of the program.