Presenters Biography

Susan F. Stevenson 

Susan has held a range of senior academic and research leadership roles in higher education and quality assurance contexts and is currently President of the International Higher Education Curriculum Designer & Academic Leadership Society. Susan founded the New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute and has lead numerous successful qualification designs for institutions in New Zealand. She now leads the FREEDOM Institute of Higher Education which provides the most comprehensive range of graduate and postgraduate higher education facilitator, curriculum designer, academic management and academic leadership programmes in New Zealand.  



Development of higher education sector learning and teaching leadership development predominantly follows an apprenticeship or series of day long workshops over time. These approaches sit in stark contrast to what are considered adequate professional preparation for early childhood, primary and high school age teachers and leaders of learning and teaching. This presentation presents the work of two institutions in New Zealand who decided not to compromise on the development of learning and teaching leaders in higher education settings. After conducting an extended grounded research project reviewing more than 500 exemplars of learning and teaching related documentation they designed and implemented an eight-level graduate/postgraduate pathway for learning and teaching leaders.  This presentation challenges the assumptions behind the usual development of learning and teaching leaders in higher education and the world of possibilities available if a more robust professional education pathway is provided.