The Finance Systems Group originated over 20 years ago and at the time was established as a collaborative initiative of those universities who sublicense Oracle Financials through Higher Ed Services arrangements. More recently the focus of the group has been shifted to incorporate any universities that use any other finance system. 


This has largely arisen as a consequence of the additional and adjunct activities that the group has undertaken in and around peripheral systems that support the university’s finance system.  Systems such as electronic payment gateways, common business process issues and problems, banking, interface development and use, Cloud computing, and Service Level Agreements as a consequence of the move to have these system support activities offered from different parts of universities


The Group seeks to provide a collaborative forum for solving business process problems and to identify efficiency gains and continues to support the various working parties and special interest groups that focus on technologies that support university financial management.


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Jennifer Gartland
Western Sydney University
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Member univerities of the FSG are: