The Human Resource Information Systems Group is an active and collaborative group of 18 universities whose principal focus is promoting effective business improvement in use of AscenderPay and it’s integration with Human Capital Management Solutions.

All current participating universities sub-licence the Ascender HR system through Higher Ed Services.

The group has an elected executive committee that provides advice on collaborative activities and best practice initiatives beneficial to participating universities. The HRIS Group's strategic objectives are to achieve significant improvements for HR processes including emerging legislative requirements.

The group shares a significant knowledge base on HR management practices and universities frequently share information on local developments and present seminars for information exchange.

HES coordinates the activities of the group, and provides project management services for the collaborative initiatives such as enhancements to the AscenderPay product.  A significant project is currently under way lead by HES on behalf of the member universities and in conjunction with AscenderPay for the enhancement or development of integrations with Human Capital Management systems.

The HRIS Group leads developments in business process and functional developments which benefit all universities using Ascender.  They collaborate during the year on the HRISG Sharepoint site.


The group meets twice a year generally May and October.

Arvinder Singh
Associate Director, Workforce Information & Reporting
Payroll and Workforce Systems

University of Sydney


 Higher Ed Services Responsible Officer
Stephen Callaghan
Phone: 0423 847 164
Participating members represent the following institutions: