My eQuals is a shared platform where students and graduates can access certified official transcripts and degree documents – anytime, anywhere. 

My eQuals was implemented in 2018 in a unique collaborative initiative involving all 47 public universities across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).  With the implementation now complete, participation will be extended to other education providers in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

My eQuals will minimise the potential for document fraud, facilitate student mobility and assure the integrity of Australian and New Zealand academic qualifications.   For employers and other third parties, My eQuals provides a trusted single source for access and verification of academic credentials.

In addition to these benefits, My eQuals also allows universities to confirm the digital qualifications of students from China, Europe and America seeking admission to their courses. Overseas institutions can view the digital documents of Australian and New Zealand students applying for entry shared with them by the student/graduate.

Higher Ed Services was appointed by the ANZ universities as the My eQuals managing organisation for both the implementation and the ongoing management of the My eQuals service.

For more information visit the My eQuals website. 

If you have any queries in relation to My eQuals, please submit these on the contact us page of the My eQuals website.  

Jay Segeth is the My eQuals Program Director.