Strengthening learning and teaching quality through Spectrum Academic Mentoring (SAM)

HES’ Higher Education Quality Network is delighted to support a series of workshops in 2018 focused on Spectrum Academic Mentoring (SAM). Mentoring is one approach known to support leadership development for higher education. It can also offer a role in enhancing learning and teaching quality and standards (Ambler, Harvey & Cahir, 2016). SAM is an evidenced-based approach to mentoring designed specifically to meet the needs of academic staff working in higher education. The workshops will be led by Dr Trudy Ambler, from Macquarie University and Associate Professor Marina Harvey, Director of Academic Development Services at the University of NSW.

The half-day workshops will provide an overview of the research underpinning SAM, explain the SAM three-step model, identify key mentoring skills for mentors and mentees and showcase the SAM website and resources. Participants will also have an opportunity to hear and learn from colleagues and find out how to collaborate to become part of the SAM community. A feature of SAM is that it has been developed as a sustainable model for organisations to adopt.

The workshops will provide an opportunity to see how a culture of mentoring could be fostered in a department or organisation. SAM workshops can also be adapted and designed to meet the unique needs of your educational context.

The first workshop will be part of a Universities Australia satellite event on Friday March 1 at the National Convention Centre, Canberra; another is planned for mid-May in Melbourne while others will also be held in Brisbane and Sydney subject to demand.  For further information contact Jacqui Elson-Green, 0417 086 691.