This group (formally Finance Systems Group) was redefined in 2019 with an aim to strengthen the linkage to the Australian Universities Finance Officers Group (AUSFOG) and to have responsibility for focused activities, specific projects and collaborative workshops for process and information exchange.  Effectively, the operational arm of AUSFOG.

A Terms of Reference has been developed with the focus around digital finance thought leadership in areas such as:

  • Improvements over the accuracy of the budgeting process at all levels within the university
  • Defining and driving innovation through the adoption and use of technology that is focused around efficiency
  • Finance business improvement
  • Digital transformation
  • Process automation tools and techniques
  • Sensible and viable uses for alternative service delivery models such as virtual assistants, outsourced/managed services, robotic process automation and chatbots.

For more information or to obtain the Terms of Reference contact Stephen Callaghan at or 0423 847 164


Jennifer Gartland
Western Sydney University
Phone: +61 2 4570 1237

Current member univerities of the UFPTN are: