There is significant activity occurring at all universities engaging in HR business improvement activities as a consequence of universities adopting Human Capital Management systems.  This has resulted in substantial re-focus and change in support activities of HR departments.

In 2019 HES established a sector-wide group of HR professionals who are leaders in university HR business improvement targeting HR Associate Directors and/or HR Business Improvement leaders.  These people are typically leading their university’s direction and initiatives with the selection and adoption of digital HR tools and techniques.

A Terms of Reference, modus operandi and the support that HES provides is available with the scope of group activities to include:

  • Human Capital Management selection and implementations
  • Defining and driving innovation through the adoption and use of technology that is focused around employee experiences
  • HR business improvement
  • Digital transformation
  • Process automation tool and techniques
  • Strategic, governance, risk, project and political matters
  • Workforce analytical techniques
  • Digital road mapping considerations and HR solution strategies
  • Business Case definition and development
  • People change management
  • HR technology consulting

For more information or to obtain the Terms of Reference contact Stephen Callaghan at or 0423 847 164