The University Procurement Hub (UPH) provides a platform that revolutionises how universities across Australia can source goods and services to meet their unique requirements — delivering direct savings to support the continuing excellence that’s the trademark of Australian higher education.

The UPH is an innovative way of delivering core procurement services by aggregating purchasing power across participating universities.

Critically, more aggregated spend drives higher savings for all participating universities, which benefit from improved process efficiency, spend visibility, effective spend analysis from richer data and marketing intelligence to drive continuous improvement.

UPH consists of 14 universities which have come together via a Heads of Agreement signed by all participating universities. The Heads of Agreement defines codes of conducts and business principles which are used by UPH to carry out its operations in accordance with an agreed governance structure with representation from all universities.

UPH Mission Statement 

To operate a flexible procurement hub that delivers enduring value for participating universities by:

  • Aggregating spend to provide source to contract costs savings
  • Supporting end to end process efficiencies
  • Uplifting organisational procurement capability

UPH Objectives

To achieve these objectives detailed processes and roles and responsibilities have been developed in consultation with participating universities. 


UPH Participating Universities

1.      Australian Catholic University – NSW

2.      Charles Sturt University – NSW

3.      Curtin University – WA

4.      Edith Cowan University – WA

5.      Flinders University – SA

6.      James Cook University – QLD

7.      Macquarie University – NSW

8.      Monash University – VIC

9.      Murdoch University – WA

10.  Southern Cross University – NSW

11.  The University of Adelaide – SA

12.  The University of New South Wales – NSW

13.  The University of Sydney – NSW

14.  University of South Australia – SA


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Accenture Academy

Is a cloud based, comprehensive learning service available to UPH Participating Universities that supports people development utilising a competency based approach.


Contact Us

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